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Monday, December 30, 2013

Need to Find a new Doctor

I'm done wih Kaiser insurance tomorrow so I need to find a new doctor, transfer all my medical records, etc.  I'm going to check out Pacific Midwifery.  I've heard good things about them and know they do VBACs, but I'm not sure if they do a VBAC after two cesareans or if they have openings to deliver in eight weeks.  We'll see.  I'm also planning on checking out either a doctor, midwife or both at The Vancouver Clinic.  One nice thing is that Davin can take the kids during my appointments there.  My goal in the next two weeks is to find someone available and willing to let me go into labor.

The nursery is slowly getting ready.  The new carpet looks nice, the walls are painted, the crib is up, and tiny clothes are in the drawer.  I still need to make the curtains and Davin needs to get the trim in, but we're waiting on a Lowe's gift card from our carpet purchase for the later.  I've pulled down all our stored baby things from the garage attic.  I just need to wash the covers for the car seat, swing, etc.  Oh, this is going to be here before I know it!

I'm feeling really tired and depleted most of the time.  A lot of that is also due to being sick right now.  I caught Kaylynn's cold.  I'm also growing weary of the pain.  Especially in the mornings it really hurts to get out of bed, get dressed, walk... basically lift my legs at all.  Things are loosening up and moving that shouldn't be.  Davin reminded me that my pregnancy discomfort will be over soon.  Yeah, just too bad it involves either pushing or cutting baby out.

Gotta finish getting ready for my day.  We're driving Davin to work so I can take Kaylynn to the doctor.  She's had a fever for five days and hardly ate anything yesterday.

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Beth said...

I'm sorry you have to change doctors but hopefully you will find someone great and have your chance at a VBAC. I actually changed doctors TWICE during my last pregnancy.
I'm sorry too you are in so much pain and sick. It's funny how amazing and awful pregnancy can be at the same time!
I can't believe you will have a new one soon!