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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Ultrasound!

The day to see the baby finally came!  It was exciting to see the face of our beautiful baby #3.  Davin and the kids sat out in the waiting room for all the measuring, but got to come back for a good look toward the end.  I loved watching the baby wiggle and move around.  "You have a mover and shaker," said the technician. 

Desmond and Kaylynn enjoyed seeing their baby brother or sister.  Kaylynn wanted to hold it, and Desmond asked if the baby could also see us while we were peaking in.  There's one picture we got that will make you wonder.

I didn't find out the gender because I'd like to be surprised on delivery day.  We'll see if I last until the end.  Davin doesn't want to wait so he got the secret envelope with the labeled picture and it's now hidden somewhere in our room.  He said he won't peak until we've narrowed down our top girl and boy names.  That way he won't feel or give off the vibe that he's wasting his time on one or the other.  People will probably pester him to tell, but he's good at keeping secrets so he'll probably be the only one who knows until delivery day.  It will be on my medical record, too, so hopefully no one slips during an appointment.

Baby didn't totally cooperate so we weren't able to get all the required pictures.  I'm supposed to go back next week to see if baby is in a better position, but I don't really want to pay for a second ultrasound so we'll see.

Here's the face of the newest Studer.

 Head and back:

 Here's lookin' at ya:
(I've never seen an eye like this in any ultrasound picture!)

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