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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

24 Weeks and Counting

Things are chugging right along.  I guess the past few weeks have gone by fairly quickly.  I'm already at 24 and a half weeks.  I'm having more physical discomfort already with my added 25 pounds.  I feel baby moving often and I can tell he or she is still in breech position for now.  It's so strange to feel a separate body squirming inside me.

Sadly, I have already had the "twins" conversation.  "You're bigger than average, aren't you?... Are you sure you're not having twins?"  No, I just blow up like a blimp, thanks for pointing it out.  I'm still nervous about gaining more weight in the next few months.  Having Thanksgiving and Christmas won't help any!  I have managed to not gain much in the last three weeks or so, but baby has to put on more weight so I will too. I work hard to avoid the word "fat" and try to talk about growing in a positive light with the kids.  I love how Desmond really couldn't tell I was bigger when I showed him two pictures side by side. 

I only have two appointments left with Kaiser before I switch doctors.  I still don't know exactly who I'll see, but Davin's 2014 insurance through work is actually a huge improvement over previous years and much better than any individual plans so that's probably the way we'll go.

I'm trying to get Kaylynn's new room finished up so we can move her out of the nursery and repaint.  I'd like to be completely finished by early January at the latest.  Her bedroom walls are done, and now we just need to schedule to get new carpet in.  The plan is to get that part done before Thanksgiving.

I finished knitting the baby blanket.  Yay!  I got something finished for baby #3.  It's still hard to imagine a new person in our life.  Each child changes things so much, I'm sure this will be no exception.

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