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Friday, August 30, 2013

All day sickness

Oh, yeah.  Here it comes.  I am near the seven week mark and today I felt icky most of the day.  It's not very strong but it's fairly constant.  Last time this lasted until about sixteen weeks if I remember right.  How am I going to survive ten weeks of feeling sick while taking care of two kids?

Today was simply a bad day.  I lost my cool and cried about my mommy failures.  Growing a baby is no easy task and if the kids could just give me 15 solid minutes to catch a nap... Well, I guess I'd always want more.  Best not to lay down at all than to be continually interrupted. 

There is one upside.  This means my hormone levels are increasing to support a growing baby.  That's a good thing.  Two weeks feels like an eternity to wait for ultrasound confirmation that everything's okay.  Then I think we'll announce our secret.

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