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Friday, August 30, 2013

Baby #3

After trying for about 9 months we are excited that Baby Studer #3 is on the way!  I am almost six weeks along, and so far I've been extra sleepy but not much else.  My cycle has been a bit off this year and the regular doctors won't test anything until after a year of trying has passed.  The naturopath was eager to work with me on balancing my cycle, and it must have worked because the first month of treatment I got pregnant!

With baby on the way I've launched into home renovation mode to clear out the extra room converting it to Kaylynn's room so the smallest room can once again be the nursery.  I want to start now because I know it will take longer than I think, and by the third trimester I might not want to be painting walls or ripping out carpet.  Of course emptying the extra room means moving some things into our room so we're planning a closet overhaul there, too.

It's hard to think of all the transitioning that will need to happen to make room for this newest little member of our family.  Desmond will move to the back seat of the van.  Kaylynn will move out of her high chair at the table.  And a mom can at least hope to potty train a two year old, right?

I'm not looking forward to gaining weight.  Each of the other times I've gained around 60 lbs and I really don't want to do that again!  I've been watching what I eat and exercising often.  I was actively losing weight before I got pregnant and even a little afterwards.  I don't want to eat too little, but I don't want to eat too much.  I need to figure out a happy balance.

I'm seriously thinking about not finding out the gender and letting it be a surprise.  We have all we need for a boy or a girl.  We'll see if I have the self control to wait.  

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Beth said...

Oh, that would be super exciting to wait to find out the gender, especially since you already have boy and girl stuff! I don't think I could wait though, but you should do it, haha!