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Friday, August 30, 2013

First glimpse

Monday was the long awaited first check up.  The kids only knew I was having a check up because my tummy hurt.  The doctor did the in office ultrasound and we could clearly see the flashing heartbeat.  That makes me feel so good!  We asked Desmond who's heartbeat that was and his first guess was Mommy's and when we said no he guessed, "Mine?" It was cute.

It was fun telling the kids that my tummy has been sick because there's a baby inside!  Kaylynn didn't quite understand and was quite upset (crying) the rest of the day because she wanted the baby out so she could hold him.  Desmond looked hard at the ultrasound picture and then slowly realized what we were saying and a huge smile came across his face.  

Although he denied being excited he really is.  He's telling everyone we meet that there's a baby in my tummy.  The word is out!  We'll be telling Aunt Marcia tonight when she comes to babysit for our anniversary date night.  My parents will find out this weekend when they come watch the kids for our anniversary getaway.  Most everyone else should find out at Desmond's birthday in a week.  Then these blog posts can get published.

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