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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Labor Conditioning

I've started going to a physical therapist specializing in women's pelvic issues.  I feel the exercises are helping, but I must say its hard getting in 100 Kegels a day!  I feel I can hold the contraction pretty well, but when I'm hooked up to the biofeedback machine I see that I lose it pretty quickly.  

Yesterday she used the biofeedback to get real numbers on labor positions that help me be most relaxed and offer the strongest pushing.  I was surprised that standing was a nice one for me as well as all fours (though my arms would get tired pretty quick).  I also did well with the more traditional reclined with legs up position, but that isn't ideal for baby rotation so I'd like to stay away from that one if possible.

I met with my doula, Amanda, on Saturday and I feel really good about working with her.  She's knowledgeable in spinning babies, which I've been researching.  She's willing to do some positions with me before labor and helped me go through a birth plan.  I'm holding on to my birth plan loosely, but I really want to focus on baby positioning rather than traditional medical labor augmentation.  I also like that she can come over during early labor to help me know the best time to head to the hospital.  I'd love to do as much laboring at home as possible.

So with my physical therapy exercising and baby positioning, I feel I have a full day of labor conditioning.  I'm also doing perineal massage which is not my favorite, but if it helps this baby come out easier, I'm willing to put in extra work for that.  

My kick counts have still been quick and easy.  When baby is sleeping I feel worried a bit because they take about half an hour instead of the usual 5-10 minutes.  So I try to wake baby up and then kicks are just fine.  Davin teases me that nighttime waking a with a newborn will just be payback for my need to have a quick kick count.

We're getting down to the wire.  Saturday is my due date.  I'd love for this baby to come on time!  Still I'm trying to prepare myself for hanging out here for another week and a half or so.  

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