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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Acupuncture and a Hospital Bracelet

I had my first ever acupuncture experience today to try to induce labor. It was kind of weird. I don't like needles, but who does? I had to sit up since I can't lay down on my tummy so it was harder to relax. I was surprised at how thin and flexible the needles were, but some of them still hurt going in. The ones that bugged me the most were the ones in my hands and tops of my feet. Those ones ached. The ones in my lower back were fine once they were in, but when she was stimulating them I nearly passed out once even though it wasn't causing any pain. The low back ones also created a noticeable warming sensation so it was doing something. I also had some in my right ear.

The acupuncturist said normally they poke the needles in and leave you for half an hour to relax. For me she did a "more intense" session to try and get things moving. She kept going around to all the needles wiggling them in turn which didn't always feel good depending on which needle it was.

I was glad when it was over and the needles were out. It wasn't too bad, but I wouldn't call it a pleasant experience. The baby was somewhat quiet this morning, but she's been moving around quite a bit more during and since the acupuncture. I hope contractions start! Nothing yet.

This morning I did my pre-op check in at the hospital, filled out paperwork, met with the anesthetist, got a rundown of what would happen, blood work done, and my hospital bracelet put on. I'm officially pre-admitted for Monday evening. My bracelet is just big enough I could squeeze out of it so I don't have to sport it for Mother's Day looking like an escaped patient and can put it back on when we're heading to the hospital.

I wish my cesarean was scheduled in the morning rather than the evening. I can't eat or drink for half of the day and if I am favorable for induction that means starting hungry and laboring through the night. Oh well. She will be born soon and that's all that matters!

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