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Monday, May 16, 2011

My Birth Story

On May 9, 2011 I was scheduled to check in to the family birth center at Southwest Washington Medical Center at 6:30 pm. If my cervix was favorable they would induce and if it wasn’t they would perform a repeat cesarean. It felt so strange walking in not in labor and knowing I would be walking out with my baby.

DSC_0002My OB doctor, Tricia Wright, was working that night and it was comforting to have that familiarity as we made our decision. My cervix was one centimeter, and though I was having contractions, I couldn’t feel them. Dr. Wright was willing to let me try labor, but there was only a slight chance they could get me to progress into labor and according to their calculations if I did go into labor there was a greater than 50% chance it would end in a cesarean anyway. We opted for the repeat cesarean and by 8:00 pm I was getting prepped.

Everything was calm and I was at peace with our decision as the surgery began. It was such a different experience than the rush and fear I felt about Desmond’s cesarean. I was still really nervous about being cut open, and getting a spinal instead of being on the epidural was sure different. That thing works fast! I felt better once Davin was allowed into the operating room.

At 8:41 pm Kaylynn Hope Eliana DSC_0016Studer entered the world and we heard her first gurgling cry. They lifted her over the screen so I could see her and I could tell right away that she was smaller than Desmond was. She checked in at 8 lbs 4.5 oz and was 20.5 inches long. I loved the fact that she never left the operating room until I did. Last time Davin left with Desmond shortly after birth to get him cleaned and checked out in another room. I had to stay and get sewed up which felt like it took forever! This time she got checked out right there and then Davin held her next to me while the doctors finished putting me back together.


My parents were there to congratulate us once we were settled in our room. Can you tell Mom is excited? They also got to witness her first bath in our room sink. Kaylynn loved it and didn’t cry at all until they took her out of the water to dry her off.

Kaylynn reminds me so much of Desmond! She has the same cute “Davin” moutDSC_0033h and chin. She might have my eyes and she definitely has my ears which I noticed right away because Desmond has Davin’s ears so hers looked really different to me. She has dark brown hair and it’s a bit longer than Desmond’s was at birth. I have a feeling she’ll turn blond later especially because she has lighter eyebrows and eyelashes. One fun feature is her long feet and toes! She has long fingers too. DSC_0035

I felt so different after Kaylynn’s birth than I did after Desmond’s. I was refreshed and ready to go rather than absolutely wiped out. In our first family picture with Desmond I look as bad as I felt, in my opinion. This time I was determined to look good with my hair straightened and some make up on. It’s vain, I know, but I enjoy showing off this picture a little more.

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Kaytee D said...

I loved reading your birth story!!!! Sooo happy it was a much better experience than with Desmond! And I don't think it's vain at all to want to look nice in your 'just had a baby' pictures :) You rocked it!!!