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Friday, May 6, 2011

Big Enough


Here I am in all my lovely full term pregnancy-ness.  My belly is constantly hanging out of the bottom of even my longest maternity shirts.  Very annoying.  But there are only a matter of days left until she’s out!!! 

Today I am 40 weeks, 4 days.  I thought for sure she’d come this week.  I was right on with when I thought Desmond would be born, but I was wrong with this one.  She’s late!

I’m feeling anxious about my scheduled cesarean on Monday evening.  Would I go into labor on my own if we waited two more days?  Of course, there’s no way to answer that question.  Every passing day means she’s growing bigger, and from a medical perspective my chances of a successful vaginal birth are shrinking.  I think I’ll feel like I failed if I don’t go into labor on my own and just get wheeled into an operating room.  That also means committing to all future deliveries via cesarean so it impacts more than just this birth. 

I’ve heard acupuncture can be effective in starting labor.  Last time after coming close to being two weeks overdue with Desmond I had a session scheduled, but I ended up cancelling it because I went into labor the day before.  I just scheduled an acupuncture session for tomorrow afternoon to see if we can get things started.  I don’t like needles, but if it works that would be great!  I want to give myself the best chance of at least trying a vaginal birth.

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jacquelyn said...

My shirts never covered my belly either at the last month! It's cute though (:
Praying for you guys this weekend!