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Monday, May 2, 2011

It's My Due Date, I Can Cry if I Want To

Here it is. The long awaited day of May 2, and nothing is happening. The doctor checked my cervix today and said I was maybe 1 cm. Yeah, yeah. I don't have early babies. I think 5 of a recent 6 deliveries I've heard about have been early so I guess I get to be the late one.

I did lab work again today and if my liver is still improving they'll let me go until next Monday. At that point if my cervix is favorable they'll induce, and if it's not favorable they'll do a cesarean. If the labs show that my liver is noticeably worse, I'll be going in this Wednesday to deliver. I could trump all that by going into labor on my own which I hope is the case. I think I'll have Davin give me a foot massage tonight and try to find the supposed labor inducing pressure points.

I feel really uncomfortable. Nothing in my maternity wardrobe seems to fit anymore, and the few things that do make me look like a blimp. I can barely hold Desmond on my lap. I've given up carrying him all together plus the Ergo can no longer buckle around my growing midsection. I can't seem to sleep through the night anymore and get to enjoy baby aerobics around 3 am every morning. I've managed to stay fairly active going on walks and stuff, but now there are moments I just don't want to haul this baby anywhere but to the couch.

Okay, enough lamenting the passing of my due date. I get to enjoy my little family of three for one more day. We're making mini pizzas for dinner.

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