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Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's May!

I'm so glad the calendar says "May" today! I was thinking our daughter could come in April, but alas, she is not an early bird. I like the sound of a May birthday, though. Sounds a little more sunny than rainy April. Davin's hoping for the fourth so he can say, "May the fourth be with you." (Go figure!) It's also his mom's birthday.

I've been trying to keep busy and active. Last week included a three hour walk around the zoo and an hour and a half swim with Desmond. Friday I got the car all cleaned out and the car seat in. Now we can't fit anything else in the back seat of our small Honda.

Yesterday I went to the huge kids consignment sale at the Expo Center which meant a lot of walking especially since I don't want to pay the $8 for parking so I take the MAX from the next closest park and ride and walk over. I didn't go crazy at the sale which is hard to do, but got a sling, some swaddlers, a nursing stool, summer hats, swim diapers, and some toys for Desmond since he came with me. Then we went to Davin's Hwa Rang Do tournament for the rest of the day.

I have another check up tomorrow so we'll see if anything is happening yet with my cervix. I'm really hoping she comes this week. My main concern right now is that I don't want her to get TOO big. Here's hoping for some big news to share in a couple days!

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